What My Clients Are Saying

Animal energy sessions are conducted at your home. You will learn how to energetically connect to your pets/animals, comforting them while the energy techniques help them heal themselves and specially to release trauma. This works well for rescued animals and rehabilitation after surgery. 

You will not need to force your beloved animal to sit near me.  Being in the room or arena is close enough for the energy work to be effective.  This way, you and your pet(s) may sit in comfort and connect in love while we all work collectively for their highest good.

 Sessions last 60 minutes and are $40 each. 

“I have a 15 year old dog. I wasn't sure if it was a specific issue (the vet couldn't find anything), general old age or new situation that was causing his problems. We did sessions with Kris. Both my dogs loved her. She was able to calm him and show me how to do the same. I highly recommend her.” – Angela Elbow

Holistic Energy Practice, LLC

“Katy, a Quarter Horse filly, has reoccurring body structure pain issues. Kris is energetically helping her heal herself. Katy recognizes that Kris helps relieve her pain issues and increases her comfort. When Kris works on another horse in a pen, Katy stands as close to her as she can.  When Kris drives onto the property and gets out of her truck, Katy calls to her loudly-! and runs to the gate to greet her.  Kris' healing energy attracts horses.” - Michael Linderman, www.equinebehaviorspecialist.com

"I contacted Kris for myself. I was feeling anxious about my direction in life, felt ungrounded, and scattered.  During our sessions, we also talked about my little dog, Barney and some issues we were struggling with so Kris also provided him with a session at home. She was caring, attentive to his needs, and very informative. She provided me with instructions on how I could continue to work with Barney and the results were amazing." – Pat L.

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