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Holistic Energy Practice, LLC

Private sessions are held atStar Coyote Healing Center, Tuesday thru Friday 10am-5pm and Sundays 10:00am-5pm, by appointment only. Cash, check and credit are accepted at the time scheduling your session.

Inside-Out Mask Painting for Kids. Dis-cover the true expression of the self. Beginning with a guided meditation to help clear any self-judgement, ground and center our energy and stir the creative juices.   Then it's time to paint both sides of a blank mask! The outside of the mask is the face we present to the world and the inside of the mask is our true selves. No rules, no limits, no "artistic talent" required. Just a willingness to explore, respect, laugh and create.

Energy sessions for people are 60 minutes and $80. Sessions for Children 12 and under are $40. Sessions for Veterans are $60. Package of 3 sessions are $190. During this self-full time, I help you reach an increased sense of well being, relief of anxiety and pain, and accelerated wound healing. I also assist you in restoring wholeness, health and balance in your energy field from PTSD, allergies, chronic conditions, emotional/physical/mental/spiritual trauma and stress.  I will also work to help you increase your connection to divinity, ancestors, animal guides, inner wisdom and intuition and with articulating clear intents for changes, healing, growth, transformation and exploration.

Animal energy sessions are conducted at your home. Sessions last 60 minutes and are $40 each.  I help teach you how to energetically connect to your pets/animals, comforting them while the energy techniques help them heal themselves and release trauma.

Intro to Energy Healing for Kids. Have child who is labeled Spectrum, sensitive, awake, aware, or highly responsive? This 90-minute workshop helps teach your children 12 tools, (meditation, chakras,  grounding, centering, offering energy to themselves and their stuffed animals, pets and plants) for  healing themselves energetically, their empowerment, and self-full care.

Vision Board Workshop for Kids.  Have a child that is aware, sensitive, shy, wanting to save the world, or hiding their creative spark? This workshop will offer them an outlet for unconditional acceptance and creativity. A safe environment for their inner artist, dreamer and visionary to shine.