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Holistic Energy Practice, LLC

Join us for an adventure inside out! 
Dis-cover the true expression of the self. We begin with a short guided meditation to help clear any self-judgement, ground and center our energy and stir the creative juices. Then it's time to paint both sides of a blank mask! The outside of the mask is the face we present to the world and the inside of the mask is our true selves. No rules, no limits, no "artistic talent" required. Just a willingness to explore, respect, laugh and create. 

Perfect for ages 6-12.  $20 per child or two for $35. Includes mask, paints, stickers and other decorations. This workshop is also available for grown-up inner children of all ages.  Please check Star Coyote Sound Temple calendar for dates and times.

It is VERY likely that paint will not be limited to just the masks. Clothes that are old and okay-to-be-colored are highly recommended.  I supply water-based paint that says it’s washable, but I make no promises.

Inside Out Mask Building