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Healing Touch and Fibromyalgia
I was suffering with FMS (fibromyalgia syndrome) for over seven years. My Herbalist and Healer, Diane Hackett, recommended that I look into Healing Touch, since I had been responding so well to her treatments and had expressed an interest in helping others with FMS.  At the Level 1 class, my fellow students and I learned many techniques and on the last day, performed the Chakra Spread on each other.  During the Chakra Spread, I asked the Universe for freedom from the pain.  (Actually, I was yelling at the top of my mental and spiritual lungs.)  After the technique was through and I KNEW I had been given a positive answer, I felt cleansed and light.  However, my excitement was tempered by years of fear due to the overwhelming pain and I decided to wait a few days before raising my hopes.

Wow! Words almost fail me. Since that day, I have had no pain.  Nothing. Nada. I stopped taking the daily Vicadin that kept me functioning and the Ultracet as well.  (It is difficult not to become emotional while writing this.) However, I felt I was truly healed when my husband mentioned one evening, a few weeks later, how well I was doing. It was storming out, I had exercised that day and I was menstruating.  All of these factors would have driven me into a warm bath, whimpering from pain and infused with the maximum permitted dosage of prescribed medication known to humankind.  Instead, I felt fine, fantastic, and healthy - like a normal human being.  (So, of course, I immediately began crying from total relief and the freedom of rebirth.)

I have also been able to stop taking Trazodone, which I had taken for seven years to help induce REM sleep and I am sleeping better than I have in a long, long time.  

Healing Touch has made an incredible impact because I feel that I have regained my life.  I love being outdoors and can exercise daily now.  I am happy. My husband is rediscovering his long lost beloved and I feel as though I can give my son the quality of childhood he deserves.  I can actually keep up with a four-year old!!