I have a 15 year old dog. I wasn't sure if it was a specific issue (the vet couldn't find anything), general old age or new situation that was causing his problems. We did sessions with Kris. Both my dogs loved her. She was able to calm him and show me how to do the same. I highly recommend her. – Angela Elbow

Blondie, filly was a non-touchable rescue horse that the owner could not connect with nor catch in a pen.  After Kris worked with her only one time for emotions, the horse was turned out in an open field and while Kris was documenting work done, the horse came up and snuggled up over her shoulder.

I see Kris for regular maintenance for physical and mental health.  After my second session, I was invited to Montana for my father, Bill Linderman's, induction into Cowboy hall of fame and I could not bring self to accept invitation and go. Had energetic block to go.

After Kris worked on me, energetic block was removed.  I went on the trip and it turned out to be one of the greatest memories of my entire life, with the hospitality, the scenery and overwhelming love shown to me by the people of Montana.  - Michael Linderman, www.equinebehaviorspecialist.com

"Kris Sands is a powerful healer. Kris is someone I can comfortably refer clients to and know they will be safe, nurtured and cared for. She also knows that true healing comes from within each of us but can help you find the door(s) to your own inner Light." - Diane Hackett, HTCP, Clinical Herbalist

"Kris Sands is one of the strongest most courageous human beings I know. She is a gifted wellness practitioner with a pure and giving heart. She has a new office in Plano - tell your friends, tell your neighbors that are interested in natural health to see her for a consultation." - Kenny Kolter

Animal Session Testimonials

Katy, Quarter Horse Filly, had reoccurring body structure pain issues. Kris is energetically helping her heal herself. Katy recognizing that Kris helps relive her pain issues and increases her comfort. When Kris works on another horse in a pen, she stands as close to her as she can.  When Kris drives on the property and gets out of her truck, Katy calls to her loudly and runs to the gate to greet her.  Kris' healing energy attracts horses.

214-236-4037  • kris@holisticenergypractice.com

A powerful practitioner. If you are looking for ways to supplement western medical treatment - energy work is an excellent resource. She has treated my entire family - from sinus infections, my baby's teething, for general anxiety, and my insomnia - A session with Kristin has always made us feel physically better. I can't recommend her enough!! – Carol Andolina, ABF Logistics

Additional Testimonials

Holistic Energy Practice, LLC

“Kris Sands is a skilled energy worker who steps beyond ego to facilitate for clients the transformation their higher self calls for. She is a dedicated student which makes her a superior teacher and guide for her clients. As a practitioner in my healing space she conducts her business and sessions with the highest level of integrity, compassion and commitment to the greater good of all people she works with.” - Jodi Roberts, www.sacredinspiration.com

"I had several sessions with Kris - during both happy and stressful times in my life. After these sessions I left feeling refreshed, relaxed, clear and able to focus on what I needed to in order to make the best decisions going forward. This was the most helpful and effective way I have  encountered in dealing with high stress situations as it gives me the ability and confidence to have a fresh perspective to take on the challenges I am facing. I would recommend Holistic Energy Practice to anyone who needs a little help in getting more grounded so they can better handle their challenges, whatever they may be." -  Karen Bailey

"In my sessions with Kris, it has taken me to spiritual places that help to define my purpose. I always gain an experience I can draw from and use in my daily path to learn my purpose. The energy vibrations I receive from the sessions lets me know that she is truly a gifted vessel to help center my emotional and spiritual self." - Stephanie Woods, Reflexologist.

"One of the best things I ever did for myself and for my family - was for me to spend time with Kris doing energy work - I am a better and person for it! Thanks Kris... Miracles happen here."  Charlotte Rose, ahhhMazing Life & Wellness

"Being in Kris's calming presence and experiencing healing from within was a true gift and one I'd highly recommend.  I left feeling refreshed and alive, yet calm to my core.  Refreshed, alive, and calm — that's a combination I'll take any day!” – Leslie Green, Trust Life Today

“I think everyone will get something different out of it but at the least you get one hour of Total Relaxation although I have received so much more out of it.  It's amazing some of the things Kris has been able to see and the path she has helped me follow in my life.  One physical benefit I have obtained is help with my allergies and congestion.  The ultrasound has been fabulous in clearing up my lungs and sinus' and definitely worth the time."